Mopa laser engraving machine 60w 30w

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Mopa laser engraving machine 30w 60w life can reach 100,000 hours,All accessories are international famous brands.The software integrates the common material label parameter database to make it more convenient and efficient for you to use the device.Compact size, perfect function, convenient transportation.

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Mopa laser engraving machine 60w 30w

Mopa Laser Engraving Machine Advantage:

1. The service life can reach 100,000 hours.
2. All accessories are international famous brands.
3. The software integrates the common material label parameter database to make it more convenient and efficient for you to use the device.
4. Compact size, perfect function, convenient transportation

Product Description

Product Details:

BY Fiber Laser Series Technical Specifications
Marking Area
110X 110mm(4.3X43in) 
150X 150mm(5.9X59in) 
175X 175mm (6.9×6.9in)

Maximum Material Thickness

300mm(11.8in)(at)110x 110mm 

250mm(9 Bin) (at)150 X 150mm 
206mm(8.1in)(at)175X 175mm
Laser Type
Repetition Rate (Frequency)


Output power adjustment range
 Marking Speed
≤7m/s(275. 6in/s)
≤7m/s(275. 6in/s)
≤7m/s(275. 6in/s)
Product Details
Laser source
Brand: JPT Origin: China NO.1 laser source in China.More stable,
better beam quality. Higher power and lower power loss.

F-thaeta Scan Lens

Brand: Jollstar Origin: China Typically distortion less than 1%, Air-spaced design and high
efficiency AR coatings guarantee excellent throughput and durability.

Gavlo scanhead

Brand: Sinogavlo Origin: China Faster, more accurate, and can be used 24 hours a day.
Sino-gavlo is a world famous brand,the No.1 sale in the world.

Focus finder

Brand: Bingyan laser Origin: China It allows you to quickly find the focal length without using a ruler,
just to see if the red dots and red lines overlap on the surface of the product which you want to mark.


Brand: Cnlinko Origin: China SELF-LOCKING USB connector for more stable data transmission.
The straight-in type is more convenient to use than the thread type, and the connection is more tight.

Switching power supply and wiring

Brand: MEANWELL Origin: China TAIWAN Using the world-famous brand MEANWELL 24V power supply
and scientific wiring layout can minimize the equipment failure caused by the wiring.


Brand: EZCAD Origin: China Stable performance and high reliability. More than 90% laser marking machine are using EZcad controller, ensuring higher stability
and shield-utilizing part of complex functions.
We can provide strong wooden box for packing,keep a long cooperation with many delivery agent in different port,
Ensure the goods arrive at the customer’s hands safely and punctually.